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Living in the countryside, you’d expect that wedding photographer Dee Kampe would be drawn to capturing her couples in a similar setting…6th International Wedding Photographer of the Year Dee Kampe from Melbourne Australia provides some insight into her favourite places to shoot…not what we had expected!

By Ana Galloway

There are times when you take a photo but you instantly know how great it could’ve been, if only… If only that tree wasn’t playing havoc with your leading lines or the solar panels on that cute cottage weren’t messing with the chic vibe of your photograph. Sometimes you just have to accept ‘it is what it is’. It is, after all, one of our common selling points to couples around the world, we often claim to be documentary-style photographers, seeking those ever-so-candid moments. That wayward tree and those unsightly solar panels were far more established than me before I came along with my camera and magic photoshop wand. Who am I to mess with the natural balance of things?

For many of us, the landscape of our business has changed immensely over the past few years due to the impacts of COVID-19. Many of us have couples choosing to change their Wedding or Elopement plans…or being forced to, due to border restrictions. This all just bought to the fore what some of us have known for years (and maybe not acted upon yet)…that not all Weddings are created equal and we need to provide services to suit both the client, our style and our goals. This differs for each of us, but it’s always good to keep an open mind and have a look and listen to what others find to be working for their business and lifestyle.

Cat Ekkelboom-White originates from the UK, but now resides in Austria, surrounded by the stunning Alps where she operates her photography business Wild Connections Photography. Looking at the photo essay below, photographed by Cat, we can certainly see the appeal for the couples choosing this experience as the way they’d like to celebrate their connection, not to mention the smorgasbord of visual deliciousness this multi-day wedding provides the photographer!

Now over to Cat for more of an insight…