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From Above


A photograph taken from the perspective ‘from above’ the subject within the photograph – this can include photographs taken by drones as well as hand held cameras. It also includes from fixed wing aircraft and helicopters (or trees, off the side of buildings, rooftops, building, ladder etc.) imagination and gravity are the only limitations.

Category Image taken by 2021 winner Harsha Jayasekara.




From Above FAQ’s

Does it need to be taken with a drone?

No. you don’t have to have take the shot from a drone or chopper, you may have just been hanging out of a window or over a balcony (not too far over!)

How far “above” does the photo have to be taken from?

There’s no specific to this, the winning entry from the 2017 Awards was taken by the photographer sitting behind & above the couple driving their convertible, but it was from above and gave us a brilliant, unique perspective of that moment and was rewarded for this.

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