Ashley & Jeremy Parsons


Ashley & Jeremy Parsons

We do make photographs for a living.  But that doesn’t really say much about who a person is.


We were kids when we married (not literally, but almost).  We grew up together: moved across country a couple times, had a couple babies, all while we existed on government subsidized food.  We’ve traveled the world, and spent long seasons at home.  We’ve fought, and made up. We’ve grown a family through birth and through adoption; we have watched loved ones pass away.  We’ve cry-laughed more times than we could ever count; we’ve had long nights of sadness.  We’ve known the joy of watching our babies walk for the first time; we’ve known the pain of seeing them grow up incredibly fast. We’ve had seasons of plenty and seasons of want. A typical evening these days would feature jazz on our radio, food on our stove and wine in our glasses.  There would likely be friends over.

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