2021 Winners Gallery

Congratulations to all winners!


International Wedding Photographer of the Year

 Fabio Mirulla


I love shooting creative photos with everyday life objects, that can turn out to be the best props just looking at them with different eyes, those of a child that can never get enough of dreaming

Great couples give me the chance to do one of the things that I love about my work, experimenting, that’s what happened during this shoot thanks also to a great friend of mine.

This photo is part of an amazing wedding that I loved to shoot since the first moment.

Sometimes it happens to me when I meet a new couple to have good vibes about them and that was the case. Both the bride and the groom were wonderful and when I feel the connection with them and they trust me, my work gets really easy to do.

Their day developed in a roller-coaster of laughters and tears, starting with the getting ready where I had the chance to shoot this great photo, then the ceremony with the little children waiting for the bride outside the church, the moving moments of the couple that went to visit the grave of bride’s father and the happiness again during the party.

About Fabio

I like to think that I put little pieces of myself in each shoot I realize and you can easily find small clues about me and my life in most of my photos: where I live, the things that I love and how I am.

When you love wedding photography as I do, it is impossible not to do that and I like to think that couples choose me also for this authenticity.

I live in a small town in the Tuscan countryside, right at the foot of Chianti hills with my wife Siena and our very fast running toddler, Leonardo. It is such a great place to start a family and have my photography studio thanks to so many beautiful country style wedding locations that surround us.

Shooting a wedding abroad is an amazing experience to mix and switch point of views. I shoot weddings of different traditions, from colourful Indian weddings to small intimate weddings. I’m particularly fond of same-sex weddings, also because Leonardo was born ten minutes after I came back from one of these and they will always be connected.

Since October 2020 I started this new amazing experience that is being a Canon Ambassador, it is an honour to be counted among all those masters of photography.

I love weddings: years and years of moments and emotions condensed in one day, maybe just a few hours, that could fade away if not impressed in photos.

I’m a storyteller of the wedding day, a privileged witness of a couple’s joy.