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Epic Location


A wedding or elopement photograph that you feel fits the bill of Epic. The image must reflect a moment that is adventurous and grand with awe inspiring scenery, and must be from the day you photographed an official civil marriage ceremony.

Category Image taken by 2021 winner Willow & Wolf.




Epic Location Category FAQ’s

Does the location need to be outdoors ? Or can it be any epic location?

Anything you feel is Epic goes, as long as it’s from the actual wedding day

Can I enter Engagement sessions or Pre-Wedding Sessions in this category?

Nope, sorry, enter those into the Engagement / Pre-Wedding Category.

How is epic defined? How do the judges define epic?

Good question. Epic is different for each of us right!? This is why we have 6 judges, all with a unique eye and opinion. For us, Epic takes our breath away, makes us want to be in that place at that moment. We can imagine the effort and energy and lengths the photographer and subjects have gone to in order to capture that moment. But for others Epic may be architectural, a magnificent chapel or castle scene..there’s no rules but if it took your breath away then there’s a solid chance it could do the same for the judges.

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