2022 Winners Gallery

Congratulations to all winners!


 Dee Kampe – Finder Seeker


It's always the in-between moments that I'm drawn to the most on a wedding day. The unplanned, the unexpected, the pauses. That's where the magic happens.

After a year of being in and out of Melbourne’s notorious Covid-19 lockdowns, Liana and Jono’s wedding was my first wedding post-lockdown and this image is all the more sentimental to me for that reason.

We were setting up for portraits when a strong gust of wind unexpectedly took off with Liana’s veil. While Jono went racing after it, Liana, amused by the whole debacle laughed and embraced the situation for what it was. I instinctively began photographing and this frame was captured a few seconds into the veil’s escape.

Did they get the veil back? Yes they did. After lifting some 50 meters into the air we assumed it was long gone, but it had come to rest half-way up a telephone pole on the opposite side of the street. But that’s another story”

About Dee Kampe - Finder Seeker

It’s always the in-between moments that I’m drawn to the most on a wedding day. The unplanned, the unexpected, the pauses. That’s where the magic happens.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, I learnt to photograph on film as a 14 year old while following my dad around on various expeditions up and down the eastern seaboard of Australia.

Nowadays I draw inspiration from my surroundings and always aim to evoke a sense of time and place within my work.A background in Visual Art influences how I view the world around me. When I combine an awareness of my surroundings with what’s unfolding in front of me I am truly in my element.

Building a strong relationship with my clients, and taking a genuine interest in them and their lives in the lead up to their wedding is paramount to my practice. I’m all about connection. A wedding day is quite an intimate event and to be given a little window into someone’s life in such a trusting way is a responsibility I don’t take lightly.

Dee Kampe


Matteo Lomonte


When two souls merge into one, magic happens

I try to tell each story in a simple, natural and elegant way, without artifacts and excessive modifications, as I perceive and live it. I simply let myself be carried away by emotions and by the day, without directing it or changing the natural course of events. I like to think that my story will be a forever memory in someone’s life.

About Matteo Lomonte

I am an obstinate dreamer, lover of freedom, love and panzerotti! The desire to finally be able to do something that would make me happy led me to encounter photography by chance. In 2014, I was offered a “permanent job”, but I gave up, handing in my resignation because I preferred to take this wonderful leap into the dark in the world of wedding photography.