Frequently Asked Questions
Who can enter the awards ?

The IWPOTY Awards are open to All Photographers – Professional and Novice. Entries are worldwide.

How do I win?

Each entry is “blind” judged by 6 different, highly qualified judges.  Scores are then accumulated and averaged out to produce the final score. The entry with the highest final score will be deemed the category winner. For more entry and judging information see Competition Rules.

Does the entered image have to be taken at a real life wedding?

Yes. The IWPOTY and judging panel reserves the right to request proof from the entrants, by way of the supply of other moments including the subjects of the entry, from the same wedding day along with RAW files.

What is “An Entry” ?

An entry into the awards is 1 (One) Image.

Can I enter a photo series or diptych or triptych?

NO, only single images are allowed.

Is there a limit to the number of images I can enter?

No there are no limits to the number of images you enter.

I want to enter the same image in another photography competition, is this allowed?

Yes, you can enter the same image in a different competition. You cannot enter the image if you have entered it in the IWPOTY awards in a previous year.

Do I relinquish the Copyright to my image by entering it in the IWPOTY?

No, you retain copyright to your image. For comprehensive information regarding this please see our terms and conditions.

I took the photo I want to enter at a wedding 5 years ago. Is there a time restriction to the date of origin of the entry?

No, there are no timeframe restrictions to the entries.

Can I enter a photograph taken of the bride & groom from their “First Look” / Location Portraits before they were actually married?

As long as the entry was taken ON THE SAME DAY that the wedding ceremony took place then it may be entered.

I want to enter an image from a same sex civil service from a country that does not recognize it as a legal marriage. Can I?

ABSOLUTELY! We encourage this and feel the more we can celebrate these unions, the more chance we have that the countries still not legally recognizing same sex marriage will be encouraged to make changes to their constitutions and laws.

What is a couple portrait?

A couple portrait includes bride & groom, bride & bride or groom & groom together in the same image. There is no boundary on whether it is a close up of the couple or a wide landscape with them within it, it just needs to be “the couple” who’s wedding day is being celebrated.

Can the same image be entered twice in 2 different categories, i.e...a black & white shot of a couple in both the B&W and Couples Category?

Simply put, no. Each image can only be entered once.

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