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Category image taken by 2021 winner Cafa Liu.

Entries in this category can be any wedding photograph constructed, composited or reportage and photojournalistic in nature.

This consists of the wedded couple with some or all of their attendees. It does not have to include them all, it may be only the bride and her attendees or the groom and his attendees, but needs to be more than the marrying couple only.

Image compositing is allowed in this category. Any image you feel represents a great bridal party wedding photograph can be entered in this category.

Who needs to be included in the image?

There’s no minimum requirements here technically. But for example, if you entered a shot of just the couple being married because they were the ‘bridal party’ then it’s going to be competing with images of chaos and groups of people that make up that bridal party, so it’s a matter of deciding if its the best fit for the category. Sometimes there’s that one attendee who likes getting in the frame, the 3rd wheel so to speak being cheeky etc.

Does it have to include the whole bridal party?

No, it might just be all the attendees together sharing a moment or the marrying couples attendees getting up to mischief. Or, we’ve had bridal parties with dogs before!

Does the image have to include the couple marrying?

No, it may be that you’ve given them a break from photos or you’ve just seen a moment amongst the bridal party that you’ve grabbed perfectly etc.

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