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Category image taken by 2021 winner Jim Caryl

Entries in this category are ‘documentary’ or ‘story-telling’ in nature. They are candid, unposed photos of the wedding as it really happened.

All images must have been found, not created. The photographs must be unposed and without the intervention of the photographer.

Photoshopping is limited to adjustments in exposure etc, no removal / no cloning or adding-in / no composites allowed.

**Please be aware if your entry makes the final round of judging, you will be required to provide the RAW file for verification purposes.

Can I enter a photo from their pre-wedding or engagement shoot?

No you cannot. It must be from the day of a civil marriage / marriage. By way of definition for the purposes of these awards ‘The Wedding Day’ or ‘Elopement’ is – The event where a ceremony occurs (civil, religious or symbolic) between two people that celebrates their union, that includes the exchange of vows or promises.

The entry must be from “The Wedding Day or Elopement” that can be supported by official documentation to support the union of the 2 people. An entry is considered valid if the officiated documentation has been completed before the time of submission to the IWPOTY Awards and photographic evidence to support this can be provided upon request. This could include, but is not limited to photos showing getting ready, first look, ceremony, cocktail hour, couple portraits, reception etc.

Enter your images into the Engagement / Pre-Post Wedding Category if the above did not occur on the day the image was taken.

How do you judge if a photo is a natural moment, not created by the photographer?

Great question and it’s not entirely possible. We judge the images based on them having been entered into that the category that they fit this requirement. You know if you staged it or not and it’s usually obvious, but there’s an element of trust involved too. If your images is one of the highest scoring entries to this category we will be requesting the RAW file so we can ensure the image hasn’t been doctored, but we can never be 100% certain you didn’t create the coincidental moment.

How do you determine that an entry doesn’t break the rules of the category in terms of image manipulation / photoshopping?

There are two parts to this great question. We can’t 100% be certain that the photographer has not contrived the scene of the entry. It’s not entirely possible. What we can do though is make a judgement based on what we are presented with. The judges adjudicate the images based on them having been entered into the category they they best fit.

In terms of photoshopping, if your image is one of the highest scoring entries we will be requesting the RAW file (you check a box when you enter saying that you can provide this if required, if you can’t then we reserve the right to disqualify the entry) so we can ensure the image hasn’t been manipulated, but we can never be 100% certain you didn’t create the moment within the entry.

What about composite images created with more than one shot from more than one light source from the same wedding?

Yes you can in every category EXCEPT the single capture category (which requires un-doctored, single frame moments only).

What about glow worms, they’re not human-made so can I enter an image lit solely by real live glow worms?

HECK found a system loop hole, you deserve a prize, so if you can pull off a wedding moment lit solely by glow-worms we’ll send you something special.

If you have a question not covered here, please visit Frequently Asked Questions.