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Category image taken by 2021 winner Cafa Liu.

A couple portrait includes bride & groom, bride & bride or groom & groom together in the same image. There is no boundary on whether it is a close up of the couple or a wide landscape with them within it, it just needs to be “the couple” who’s wedding day is being celebrated.

Does the couple portrait need to be from the wedding day?

Yes the couple portraits need to have been captured on the wedding day. If you have images of the couple from pre or post-wedding day shoots that you’d like to enter then they should be entered into the Engagement / Non-wedding day category.

Can I enter images of Same-sex couples?

Absolutely! Love is love, we believe that and welcome entries of civil marriages of any race, creed, colour, gender.

Does the couple portrait have to be with the bride and groom as the subjects?

This category is focused on the couple who were getting married, so yes, it should be of the bride & groom, bride & bride, groom & groom. BUT, it’s not a rule as such, so if you want to buck the trend then go for it!

Can I enter an image from the first look, which was a few hours before the actual civil ceremony that made it a marriage by law?

Yes, you can. As long as it was on the actual same day as civil ceremony then it’s a valid entry. If it was taken the day before or after the civil ceremony then it should be entered in the Engagement/Non-Wedding Day category.

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