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Entries that received the highest scores in the Couple Portrait category.

A couple portrait includes bride & groom, bride & bride or groom & groom together in the same image. There is no boundary on whether it is a close up of the couple or a wide landscape with them within it, it just needs to be “the couple” who’s wedding day is being celebrated.

Enter the Awards

Jayme Lang, Canada

website | instagram | facebook

Martina Lundborg, Sweden

Thom Dwyer, Australia

Samantha Donaldson, New Zealand

Thomas Jongbloed, Netherlands

Lanny Mann, Canada

Oli Sansom, Australia

Angela Ruscheinski, Canada

Oli Sansom, Australia

Dylan Kitchener, Great Britain

Mike Vallely, Canada

Tatiana Mochalova, Russia

Dylan Kitchener, Great Britain