2020 Winners Gallery

Congratulations to all winners!


Antonio Crutchley

United States

Junia and Gamaliel are two of the sweetest couples I have ever photographed.

The photo was created outside the Filmore at Jackie Gleason Theater in Miami Beach, Florida. Junia and Gamaliel are two of the sweetest couples I have ever photographed. They had lots of creative ideas and brought lots of props to the shoot.

For this shot, I asked the couple to sit inside the car and pretend they were reading something exciting in the paper. I placed a Canon 600EX-RT with a Mogsphere behind the couple. I then composed and shot the image with a Canon 5D MKIII with a Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens. A Yonguo Speedlite transmitter was used to trigger the flash.

Image exposure – ISO = 1600, Shutterspeed = 1/500, Aperature = f/2.8. The photo was shot in color and processed in Lightroom, with some minor edits in photoshop.

About the Photographer

I am Antonio, the photographer behind White House Wedding Photography. My love for photography began as a child growing up in Jamaica. Art was my favorite subject in school, and I was very good at it. Whenever my mother wanted to take a photo, she would always hand me the camera and explain to everyone that I took beautiful pictures. I never dreamed that I would end up owning my own photography business.

Fast forward some years later, I migrated to the United States and served 20 years in the US Navy. Throughout that time, I would own and use several consumer cameras just for fun. I never pursued photography professionally until after my military career. After serving in the military, I went back to school for my second undergrad degree in photography at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California. The rest is history!

Today, when people ask me how long I have been creating images, I respond over eight years, but the truth is, I have been creating images all my life. The difference is that now I do it for a living. My life is filled with moments of frames, and I am in a permanent state of composing and analyzing frames each day.

In reality, photography is my life, and my life is photography. I wouldn’t have it any other way!