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Category image taken by Van Middleton (2023 Lit! Winner)

LIT! is all about the addition of a human-made light source to an image (flash, candle, LED’s etc). We’re celebrating our sponsor HOBOLITE and the creative sprinkle some extra lighting can bring to a scene by introducing this exciting new category. Are you the LIT! master this year?

Can I enter images lit only by the sun or moon into this category?

No. This category is all about celebrating the addition of human-made light to an image. You are welcome to enter images that include the light from the sun, but not just the sun.

What are some examples of additional light sources?

Camera Speed-lights and Studio Flashes like these. Torches, LED’s, Tungsten light bulbs, Candles, Fires, Glow Sticks, Sparklers, iPhones… If you’re unsure if the light source you’re looking to enter fits the criteria send us a message to check.

Can I submit images with human-made light into other categories?

Yes you certainly can. Images lit by these human-created light sources can still be submitted to any other category. We recommend just considering where it’s going to ‘stand out’ in comparison to other submissions. If the light source you’ve added to the image is what’s made the image truly incredible and unique, and shows extraordinary skill and execution then you might be best to enter it in the category.

What about composite images created with more than one shot from more than one light source from the same wedding?

Yes you can in every category EXCEPT the single capture category (which requires un-doctored, single frame moments only).

What about glow worms, they’re not human-made so can I enter an image lit solely by real live glow worms?

HECK found a system loop hole, you deserve a prize, so if you can pull off a wedding moment lit solely by glow-worms we’ll send you something special.

If you have a question not covered here, please visit Frequently Asked Questions.