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Category Image by Federica Ariemma.

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‘Break the Rules’, proudly supported by Narrative Select. Select’s Ai and approach is designed to give photographers the power to maintain creative control through the selection process, the rules of what makes a desirable image are often broken when you want to break the rules of ‘good’. Ever had a wedding or engagement image that you’ve felt just doesn’t ‘fit’ into any of the other award categories, or photography awards in general? Maybe is doesn’t conform to the regular ‘rules’ of photography – unconventional framing, out of focus, underexposed, noisy and grainy etc. It could be any manner of things that is oh so wrong but oh so right! This is the category for those moments.

What images should I enter to the Break the Rules category?

This category has been created for those images you’ve taken that don’t fit with the other categories, or that you’ve previously considered entering to an awards platform but decided against it because it’s not ‘mainstream’.  Throw the rule of thirds out the window, perfect exposure…what’s that!? Maybe you made a massive blunder shooting something at a wedding day but you really love the result..this is the category to enter these moments.

Can I enter images into this category that would suit other categories?

Absolutely! But keep in mind that whichever category you submit an entry to then that entry is going to be assessed alongside other entries in that if you’ve submitted something less relevant to the category then you might be scored down, because you’re entry is being compared to other, potentially more relevant to category entries.

Because it’s called ‘Breaking the Rules’ does that mean I can break the rules of the competition?

No. You still bound by the awards terms and conditions. You can’t use Ai generated components in your entry and the components have to be photographic elements photographed by the entrant.

Can I enter an image from the first look, which was a few hours before the actual civil ceremony that made it a marriage by law?

Yes, you can. As long as it was on the actual same day as civil ceremony then it’s a valid entry. If it was taken the day before or after the civil ceremony then it should be entered in the Engagement/Non-Wedding Day category.

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