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The International Wedding Photographer of the Year Awards was established in 2017 by a team of creatives who are passionate about the promotion of excellence within the Wedding photography industry. 

There are so many incredible Wedding Photographers around the world and for years we’ve had been searching for avenues online to view the work of the very best of these in one place. What we discovered was a motivation to improve on what we found, in terms of promoting and highlighting the talents of the wedding photographers in this superb industry, and so the journey began. No profits are paid to the Company or Sponsors from the Awards and the Entry Fees contribute to the costs of PR and Marketing, Web and IT services, Administration, Prize money and Judging fees.

The International Wedding Photographer of The Year Award are created to promote the Wedding Photography Industry Globally, and Award excellence. So if you have any great ideas, criticisms or questions please feel free to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

The International Wedding Photographer of the Year

Curator – Luke Simon
7 Salisbury Crescent
Colonel Light Gardens
South Australia 5041

ABN – 28175437683

Maybe include a section re: key collaborators / logos (ie not sponsors but the people who pull this all together?)

  • Avenue De Saxe
  • Gravitate Digital
  • Award Force
  • Anyone else ??