Pic-Time | Online Galleries for Photographers


Pic-Time | Online Galleries for Photographers

We recently had the opportunity to catch up with the brains and beauty behind Pic-Time, Amir and Nirit – both equal parts beauty and brains of course 😉

Each year, as one part of the final judging and verification process, we contact potential Award finalists for verification of some entries. This is done to ensure that each entry is judged on an even playing field so to speak.

Sometimes this is done by way of sending a supporting RAW file (for Single Capture for example), other times we need to make sure the entry was taken on an official wedding day. So photographers often send gallery links to full collections of the subjects wedding day. MOST of these that came across our desk were made with Pic-Time online galleries. We were treated with the customer perspective of the galleries, even receiving invitations to discounts because we’d entered our email address. So we could see that there were some really great features, and we’d only scratched the surface.

This year, Pic-Time came on board as sponsors of the International Wedding Photographer of the Year, contributing numerous Annual subscriptions to the $22,000USD prize pool.

After our chat and having their insight into the mindset behind this beast of a system, it’s easy to see why Pic-Time has become the leader in Online Gallery solutions for photographers.
To follow is an insight into the power and flexibility Pic-Time online galleries has to offer wedding photographers. Pic-Time allows us to deliver the very best in customer experience and products, extending our profitability and sales outcomes through automations and a super user-friendly interface. We’re vert excited by what we see!


Thank you Amir and Nirit, for the amazing platform you provide to thousands of professional photographers globally. Thanks also for the passion and obvious love for what you are creating. Thanks also for supporting the industry and the International Wedding Photographer of the Year Awards.

Thanks also to Nicole Mason for the profile shot of Nirit and Amir.



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