Ana Galloway

Ana Galloway

Wedding Photographer Ana Galloway is based in New Zealand and we’re stoked to have Ana on board as a judge of The International Wedding Photographer of the Year Awards. Although only a few years into the craft of photography, Ana has rapidly developed a notable style, gaining recognition from Rangefinder Magazine, Junebug Weddings, Together Journal, Hello May, The Lane, and has received awards in various IWPOTY categories. Ana’s work is honest and alluring, infused with a hint of nostalgia to stand the test of time.

“I always encourage my couples to bid farewell to the ever-familiar traditions of weddings and focus on the things that mean something to them. I truly believe that photographing weddings is more than just capturing the story, it’s about forming relationships and trust, adapting to different surroundings and light, knowing when to let the story unfold naturally and when to lean on the creative eye and provide some direction.

When I was asked to be one of the judges for the international wedding photographer of the year awards I was completely taken by surprise. What an opportunity to be able to view and assess such a vast body of work from across the globe, and what an honour to step into the role of previous judges who have always provided me with inspiration beyond the realm of wedding photography.”

You’ll find the beautiful imagery created by Ana in many of the previous years finalist galleries.

Profile image by Si Moore