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Antonijo Ćatipović


Antonijo Ćatipović


Hello and welcome! My name is Antonio Catipovic, and I’m a wedding photographer with a passion for capturing the small details, big emotions, and intimate connections that make each love story unique.

I’ve always had a love for photography, but it wasn’t until I started shooting weddings that I discovered my true calling. There’s something so special about being able to capture the love, joy, and emotion of a couple’s wedding day. Every wedding is a unique story, and I feel so honored to be able to capture those special moments and create images that will be cherished for a lifetime.

As a photographer, I have a deep love for details. From the intricate lace on a bride’s dress to the delicate flowers in the bridal bouquet, I believe that the small details are what make a wedding truly special. I love capturing those details in a way that helps to tell the story of your day and to showcase the beauty of your love.

But for me, wedding photography is not just about the details. It’s also about capturing the big emotions and intimate connections between you and your partner. I love observing the interactions between couples, capturing the small gestures and moments that truly showcase the passion and love that you share.

I believe that my job as a wedding photographer is to create a relaxed and comfortable environment where you can truly be yourselves. When you feel at ease, that’s when the magic happens, and that’s when I’m able to capture those real moments of love and connection.

When I’m not behind the camera, you can find me exploring new places, trying new foods, and spending time with my loved ones. I believe that life is an adventure, and I approach my work with that same sense of adventure and curiosity.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to capture the love stories of couples around the world, and tell your unique love story through photographs. So if you’re looking for a wedding photographer who is passionate about capturing the small details, big emotions, and intimate connections of your wedding day, let’s connect and create something beautiful together!

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Price guide starting from 1600€
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croatian, english, germany



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