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Jodie and Matt

The Sassenachs

We are Jodie and Matt - Scotland Elopement Photographers. As 'Sassenachs' ourselves, we fell hopelessly in love with the wild beauty of Scotland and packed up our lives for a move to The Highlands. For more than 10 years now, we've been capturing unique love stories all over Scotland in photograph and film.

Sassenach n sas-uh-nak
A centuries-old word from the Highlands of Scotland to refer to non-Gaelic speakers from
England and the Lowlands, a Sassenach was a non-native or Outlander who spoke English.

We provide couples from all over the world not just with amazing imagery but also the experience of a lifetime in Scotland. Your elopement can be what you want it to be - from a relaxed day on the beach to a pony-trekking adventure through the mountains and anything in between.

Your elopement photos and film are a time machine that will take you back to relive your day. They are also the only part of you elopement day that will increase in value as you grow older. They will take on new meaning with every passing year and will be a window in to the past for future generations.

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