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Matt Pocknell

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Hi, I’m Matt. I’m a husband to my wife Natalia, a dog-dad to my burley boxer Rocky, a former Royal Marines Commando of ten years, an amateur (but highly committed) barista, keen triathlete and professional elopement and wedding photographer. I love exploring the great outdoors, curling up with a good book (and coffee), and eating millionaire shortbread like the world is about to end.

But above all I love capturing love stories, especially when those love stories involve making a commitment to one another while standing on a mountain top, or next to a crushing river, or in a field of endless snow. There’s something magical about making lifelong vows in these epic settings, with just each other or our loved-ones, it is something that words alone can’t quite describe. My job is to immortalise these intimate moments in all of their epic glory – because although words may not do your story justice, your photos certainly can.

My style is inspired by the world of cinema, with an emphasis on cool, dark tones that make your photos look like frames taken from a film. I am heavily influenced by the colour and composition of directors such as Christopher Nolan, who utilises these characteristics to convey deep emotion. In simple terms, my style can be described as moody and cinematic.

During your elopement, wedding or adventure session, I use the perfect blend of guided shots and candid moments to produce the most beautiful results. I seek out the epic, jaw-dropping shot, but I am also constantly on the hunt for the in-between moments that are so easily missed. What you end up with is a stunning set of cinematic photos that do your love story the justice it deserves.