Julia Weinberger


Julia Weinberger

Hi! I'm International Wedding Photographer Julia Weinberger and my love language is visuals.

Based in Germany, I document your life in pictures, design elevating brands and websites and teach fellow entrepreneurs the good stuff.

My photographic style is ever evolving and currently a mixture of documentary and art, whilst playing around with cinematic elements. I love seeing emotions unfold in front of my camera and I am there for the seemingly shy and little moments that might not even get recognised in the present, but fully unfold later.

I occasionally travel all over Europe for weddings and elopements, but focus on my local area in order to be with my family.

My secret sauce? We don't need mountains and spectacular landscapes or locations to make your wedding photos special. I'll create memorable moments and photos you won't believe were taken in a shabby backyard 3 minutes away from your guests and the reception.

I'd love to cherish the story of your life with you.

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Wedding Packages start at 2.000 EUR
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German, English


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