How To’s – Submitting your award entries

Step by Step – Enter the Awards

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Head to the Awards entry platform to submit your entries. You can access this via any of the Enter buttons on or you can use this direct link – If you’ve not previously entered the awards then you’ll need to register at this point.

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You will arrive at your Entry Dashboard. On the left side you will see a list of the categories available for you to enter (eg. B&W, Single Capture etc). Click on the relevant category you wish to enter.

Click on “Upload next entry” 

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Then just complete the entry form as prompted.

You have the choice to either  “Save + Close” or “Add to Cart” – if you plan on loading up entries today but then logging out to come back with more images another day then select “Save + Close“. If you plan to upload all of your entries in one log in, or within a 12 hour period then choose “Add to Cart“. Once you’ve completed an entry form for each entry you can then proceed to the checkout to complete the transaction process.

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This is an example of how your cart would appear if you chose “save + close”  for your Solo Portrait entry (note the “in progress” status in the status column) and “add to cart” for your LIT entry. To add your “in progress” entries to your cart for processing simply click on the entry and scroll to the button options at the base of the entry form and choose ‘add to cart

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1 – If you have not signed up as an IWPOTY member check the “Non-Member Rate” and follow the prompts.

2 – Or, if you’d like to become a member click here –

You will receive $75 worth of free entries and reduced entry rate of $15  (instead of $18 or $25 for last minute entries) – Codes will be sent to you via email when you sign up.

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1 – If you have signed up as an IWPOTY Member then you received an email with your annual member coupon code, which entitles you to $75 of entry credit. Use the code in position 1. This is a single use coupon so it is important when you use this that you submit at least 5 entries to get the full value of the coupon. Eg. If you submit 3 entries for $45 you will not receive $30 ‘change’. You essentially forfeit that portion of the coupon.

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2 – The same confirmation email will also contain a second unique code. This code identifies you as a member in order to reduce your entry fee from $18 per entry to $15. This can be used as many times as you would like to submit entries.

If you have any more questions or need assistance please get in touch here or send us a DM via Instagram or Facebook