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Divyam Mehrotra

I think I was born to be a photographer. It is my life’s purpose; I love what I do. And I am glad I could make a profession out of my passion. I genuinely am. Day and night, day after day, months after months and years goes by, but I never tire out of it. I love people and their moments. Each one of us are blessed with a life journey with is uniquely ours. These moments, unique or ordinary, ugly or beautiful, happy or sad – they need to be preserved. They should be preserved as they are, without any tailoring or beautification. My family often complains that I keep photographing their mundane daily moments, what for? They aren’t mundane, they are the most special. They are the little things, little moments which makes up my entire world. Every story deserves to be told. I firmly believe that. This belief keeps driving me to find the extraordinary in the ordinary, to find stories which are otherwise invisible to the naked eyes. This belief is what led me to the world of wedding photography where a plethora of varied human emotions are at play. And it makes the photographer in me cause a stir inside me every time I get to document a wedding.

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