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You can consider me an intrepid photographer and traveler. For me that means no holds barred, always pushing boundaries of what’s possible and imaginable, combined with digging deep into my passion for discoveries and experimentations.
People say I have a keen eye for details, uncanny instinct and impeccable timing. And being a dedicated photographer-adventurer, I’m not afraid to foray into uncharted territories and dive into impossible angles.
I found my way to articulate how life felt to me. And in sharing my passion with others, I discovered how to communicate (now just try and shut me up!). I find myself feeling more like a narrator than a photographer. And I’m never afraid to deliver your love story.
I think my strength as a wedding photographer lies in the way I treat photography as a world of subtle indefinite layers and dimensions filled with infinite shapes, forms, hues; each and together a story or stories in the making. Also, I take pictures everyday, to hone and grow my skill repertoire. It’s my way of renewing and replenishing my soul.
Witnessing people’s enthusiasm and joy burst through their eyes and smiles gives me a huge chunk of happiness. I thrive on creating things that are fun, educational and soul enriching, which I can then share with other. Whatever I create, I execute with meticulous attention to details, and whenever possible, infuse it with childlike innocence and enthusiasm. I feel these two elements are missing in a world that forces us to grow up too quickly.