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God has a different and unique plan for those who dream beyond their routine lifestyle. Today when I travel back in time, I always think about my decision of leaving behind the lavish job and enrol myself in the photography course to understand studio light in 2016.
And this gave birth to my brainchild CHARCOAL & VERMILLION in the year 2019 since then, I have been a full-time wedding photographer traveling across India to capture those timeless moments in varied cross-culture weddings.

Being in the wedding photography industry for more than 6 years, I am trying to innovate my style of photography and incorporate concepts of the street and photojournalistic approach with the nuance of emotions and drama.

As a photographer and visual storyteller, I continue to find frames of different flavours amalgamated with feelings, sentiments, and emotional moments. Whenever I get time from my busy schedule, I try traveling to secluded places so that I can enjoy and photographs beautiful landscape and people of my country. I firmly believe in a thought process that ‘the whole world around us is a frame, and we must keep our eyes and viewfinders wide open to capture the best of emotions and drama, be it people or environment’.