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Monika Frias

There’s nothing people from the Caribbean enjoy more than a good love story, and Mónika Frías is no exception: the Dominican-born, Barcelona-based photographer and videographer enjoys them so much she turned them into a career. Her warmly intimate yet hilarious videos are a result of her all-hands-on-deck approach: instead of using a large set of audio and lighting equipment, she embeds herself and her D-SLR into every party and catches unexpected moments from the inside. After all, her inspiration for starting Stories with Love came from capturing off-the-cuff moments during an insane weekend with friends at a music festival! Having worked in the tightly structured world of film production before changing paths five years ago, that’s what she appreciates the most about this line of work: the freedom and joy of capturing the fun, unexpected and heartwarming side of something as beautifully unstructured as a love story.
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