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Katy & Jim are award-winning wedding and elopement photographers based in Scotland and available world-wide. Although they now call Scotland our home, Jim grew up in the Lake District and Katy near Dartmoor in Devon, where we spent summers running wild, exploring the mountains, woodlands and fields. We married on a beautiful May day with an intimate humanist ceremony, surrounded by our closest friends in the full bloom of Katy’s family’s apple orchards.

Jim’s the guy who will painstakingly research the exact spots to get the most breath-taking images, and the perfect time to capture the best light on your day. If you’re keen to add a bit of adventure to your day (or to a pre/post wedding shoot in a stunning location), Jim will keep you safe along the way.

Telling powerful stories through images is something that has become second-nature to Katy, and her approach to capturing a wedding or elopement day is cinematic: she knows when to go for the epic wide and when to move in for the intimate close-up. She’s used to putting people at their ease and helping them to feel relaxed and natural on camera.
The Caryls