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Arjun Kamath

Wedding Photographer Arjun Kamath perceives each wedding photography shoot as a unique story and not just another gig. This reflects in his pictures, for they are expressive and moving; just as a couple would expect them to be.

A master in visual storytelling, he innovatively narrates the bride and groom’s wedding story through his pictures, focusing on the minute details and the fleeting emotions. He believes that upon closer observation, one can discover snippets of affinity which reflect the bond two people share. And he tries to record this invisible bond, giving creative wedding photography an intimate touch.

Arjun’s Self-Description- A passionate storyteller who sees the world as a giant pot full of stories, studded with frames and overflowing with emotions

Arjun was a finalist in the Engagement / Non-Wedding day category of the Awards last year, you’ll find them here.

We are very excited to Arjun’s years of experience and perspective on board for the 2021 International Wedding Photographer of the Year Awards.

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