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Nirav Patel

Some insight into Wedding Photographer Nirav Patel..


My name is pronounced n-ee-r-uh-v which means “quiet” in Sanskrit.  Coincidentally, from a very young age I was drawn to quiet moments. I believe this attraction originated from attempts at self-preservation when I was a young boy living in less-than desirable neighbourhoods. At the age of 7, I built a sanctuary in my room. In this small space, I placed a red tent on my bed and surrounded it with a moat of stuffed animals that served as my protectors. My imagination soared in this beautiful, safe haven. The feeling of loneliness was replaced by the comfort of solitude. Here is where I found my quiet moments.

The reason I became a photographer is simple. To me photographs are one of the greatest treasures I could ever have. Last year, when the California fires came within a mile from our home and we were told to evacuate, the first things I instinctually grabbed were my family photo albums. These photos are much more than just paper and ink. They are precious heirlooms full of memories and milestones that transport me to another time and place. I get to experience incredible moments I was never a part of and remember and cherish the fleeting ones.

Doing this as a profession is an incredible honour. Given this trust by my couples means the world to me. If I were to photograph your wedding, please know that I do not want to mould your story into a false narrative to fit a standard wedding template. Instead, I hope to craft a unique and honest story that artfully preserves the memories of one of the most important days of your lives.  A love story that represents who you are as individuals, as a couple, and as a member of a loving community.

So glad to have you on board as a judge Nirav!

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