James Simmons

James Simmons

Writing Bio’s are my Kryptonite because it’s usually where modesty takes a back seat while casually claiming prestige by name dropping sponsors, listing awards for shameless self-promotion in an attempt to convince you that I am qualified to be here. So let’s not do that, instead here’s what makes me tick.

I love giving people the confidence to enjoy being photographed, I’m all about capturing natural expression and real emotion. I want to collaborate with couples to produce a true story of them in a fun and beautiful way. I love to reveal the joy, romance and adventure between couples on significant days in their lives. Getting couples to relax and be themselves in front of the camera is my Jam. It’s such an awkward and intimidating thought, being photographed, but it’s almost an addiction for me to see people become vulnerable and be present with each other. I think it feeds my own confidence as an individual, it seriously makes me feel great. I believe everyone deserves amazing images that they can be proud of to preserve their history and to help them remember how they felt at the time, not just what they looked like.



July 15, 2017



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