Nisha Ravji

“I am Nisha, a photographer from New Zealand who’s lucky enough to have lived an endless summer for the past near decade between NZ, Canada, London and Berlin and captured nearly 300 weddings while doing so. For me growing up, weddings were multiple day affairs where 1000 people who may not know each other crammed into a hall to watch two people who probably also don’t really know each other – be married. The kinds of weddings I get to capture now only existed on TV for me, so it was always a point of fascination and intrigue. That initial curiosity and sense of wonder never really faded and now translates into my work and the way I see. I love love (don’t we all) but when it comes to a wedding I have a particular fondness for seeing couples embrace their history, culture, ancestry and everything that makes them who they are. Finally, since nobody asked but it’s essential information, the best wedding cake flavour hands down will always be chocolate.”


I’m born and raised in New Zealand and that was home up until 4 years ago when I made the leap to London to shoot two seasons there, followed by another two seasons in Berlin, Germany. This has given me incredible experience in over 200 different kinds of weddings and amazing stories.