We Are The Parsons

We Are The Parsons

Hello, we are Ashley and Jeremy Parsons.  Who are we?  We do make photographs for a living.  But that doesn’t really say much about who a person is.


We were kids when we married (not literally, but almost).  We grew up together: moved across country a couple times, had a couple babies, all while we existed on government subsidized food.  We’ve traveled the world, and spent long seasons at home.  We’ve fought, and made up. We’ve grown a family through birth and through adoption; we have watched loved ones pass away.  We’ve cry-laughed more times than we could ever count; we’ve had long nights of sadness.  We’ve known the joy of watching our babies walk for the first time; we’ve known the pain of seeing them grow up incredibly fast. We’ve had seasons of plenty and seasons of want. A typical evening these days would feature jazz on our radio, food on our stove and wine in our glasses.  There would likely be friends over.


In other words, we’ve lived a full life, and have a million secrets together as any couple would after almost 2 decades.  We make images of people living real lives, believe increasingly that good wedding photography is less about making creative portraits or shooting in exotic locations, and more about simply telling the truth about who these people are.  We shoot unstaged and unposed images wherever this takes us, but it’s often times close to our home, and we’re ok with that.  We reside in the middle of America with our three children in our 130 year old house.


May 22, 2019


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